Reinventing Education To Teach Creativity And Entrepreneurship

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In an informative and inspiration

al article Jennifer Medbery writes that, “We don’t need to memorize things any more, but we still need teachers to guide our students toward learning the best ways to problem solve. The question is: How do you measure that?” (keep reading)

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Math Classroom the Problem Not the Girls

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Jo Boaler, a professor of math education in Stanford University’s School of Education states that they way maths is presented to girls is the problem not the girls. Traditionally boys have been thought to be “wired” in a way that allowed them to score higher in maths. New research shows that it is instead the closed-end type questions that prohibit girls form reaching their full potential. This is an interesting article that leaves one wondering how many other methods of education are prohibiting, rather than growing children.

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Minute Physics Videos

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Minute Physics hosts many great – minute or two long videos – covering all sorts of physics topics. Easy to understand whilst humorous. A must sign up for all budding scientists (and those wanting a good smile whilst learning something new.)

How far is a second?” is a great example of these movies.

Also check out – Albert Einstein: The Size and Existence of Atoms 

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The Art of Coaching

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Dr. Richard Curwin touches on a fundamental topic as he discusses the difference between telling and coaching our children. So often we have told them how to behave, they probably know what the correct behavior is but we take little time to coach them and train them in the correct behavior. This article is an “aha” moment that gives us great tips on how to alter a child’s behavior in such a way that it will remain altered for life!

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Parents Classroom Role Changes

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As we head into the 21st century education parents need to embrace their new role within their child’s education. Suzie Boss gives us some great practical ways that parents can use skype and other tools to not only be apart of their child’s education but also make a huge contribution to what’s happening within the classroom.

While you are reading this facinating article make sure you take some time to download Edutopia’s
free A Parent’s Guide to 21st-Century Learning.

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Poetry Can Change a Student’s Life

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Bob Lenz writes how one teacher’s passion for poetry changed not only his life but that of many children he’d later teach. This inspiring story not only encourages us to think beyond the box but allows us to catch a glimps of how learning with a reason captures a child’s heart for life.

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Use SCAMPER to get ideas

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Michael Michalko, author of the highly acclaimed Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative Thinking Techniques; discusses Nine Easy ways to get ideas.

He looks at “An easy way to generate a lot of ideas is to apply a checklist of nine creative-thinking principles that were first formally suggested by Alex Osborn and later arranged into the following mnemonic SCAMPER.”

SCAMPER is an exciting tool that will help you and your students generate many new and creative ideas.

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ADD at school but not at home?

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As Laura Grace Weldon discusses her son’s ADD diagnosis within the system she writes “I hesitated at the heavy glass doors of my son’s school. I’d cheerfully walked in these doors many times. I volunteered here, served on the PTA board, joked with the principal and teachers, even helped start an annual all-school tradition called Art Day. But now I fought the urge to grab him from his first grade classroom, never to return.

I’d come in that morning hoping to discuss the angry outbursts my son’s teacher directed at several students, including my little boy. But I entered no ordinary meeting. It was an ambush.  Sides had clearly been chosen. The principal, guidance counselor, and my son’s teacher sat in a clump together along one side of the table. Feeling oddly hollow, I pulled out a chair and sat down. Since I led conflict resolution workshops in my working life, I was confident that we could talk over any issues and come to an understanding.

I was wrong ….” read more about how his ADD in school was not a problem within a homeschool situation. Very encouraging and a must read for everyone dealing with this.

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Fun, Free, Anatomy Lesson

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Anatomy Arcade states, “Who knew learning about the human body could be so much fun and that you could actually learn so much in such a short amount of time – in a way that helps you actually remember the information!

 Anatomy Arcade makes basic human anatomy come ALIVE through awesome free flash games, interactives and videos.

Anatomy Arcade is perfect for the novice teenager in the classroom, right through to students and professionals of health care looking for a fun way to revise.”

This site is such fun that the kids will need to chase mom and dad off to get their chance to play!

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Education redefined and re-engineered

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 Move over, Harvard: the bubble is bursting

One “industry” that has changed very little in the last 150 years is education.  How, when and to whom education is delivered, and the building blocks of what we still call a basic education today, are ideas that were conceived in the Industrial Revolution and are still current today.  In fact, if you look only at the structure of the capstone institution of the education industry – the university – there are a lot of leftover ideas not from the 1800’s, but the 1400’s!


So for many decades, if not centuries, education has been much the same animal, even if in some obvious respects, it has modernized.  Think of the anachronism of a biology lab outfitted with a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art electron microscope, while the biology professor presiding over the lab enjoys a 19th century perk called lifetime tenure and attends ceremonies wearing a medieval cap and gown.

(And tenure, by the way, is about a professor pleasing his academic department, not pleasing his consumers, i.e. students – another way in which the university is out of sync with 21stcentury reality.)

A fundamental rethink seems to be underway.  Based on some trends you can see around us right now, I believe that in the next 11 years, three aspects of education – its cost, timing, and delivery – will change….. (keep reading)

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